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Welcome to the Roosevelt High School Rough Rider Booster Club Website! This site is designed to provide information to parents, students, alumni, teachers, boosters and members of the community..

The Rough Rider Booster Club helps support many of the activities at Roosevelt High School. The Booster Club funding resources come from two major sources: the President’s Bowl and friends like you. Please help support the Booster Club through memberships and gifts.

The Booster Club makes this website available for any event or group associated with Roosevelt High School to post information. Please feel free to email us if you would like your information about your activity or event posted here.


An important goal for the Booster Club is to build and develop school spirit throughout all activities. The Boosters will help all groups grow their spirit throughout their seasons. We rely on members from the teams/activities to lead these efforts so it is important that there are booster members at the meetings and actively working with the boosters so that we can best serve all. We encourage all teams and activities to come forward with your ideas and let's work together to make Roosevelt High Schools the envy of all the other schools in showing our support and spirit all year long!

In addition to growing school spirit at Roosevelt, the Spirit Committee invites and encourages the elementary and middle school students that will be Future Riders, to attend RHS activities.  Each activity has scheduled a special "Meet the Rider" event. Please see the calendar for scheduled Meet the Rider event dates.  




Hello parents of high school seniors. While we're just getting used to the idea of having seniors, it is time to start organizing the 2022 Class Party. Click Here for SCP Registration Form and to Volunteer!



Thank you to all who helped support the very successful 2020 campaign!  This year Lincoln High School will lead the efforts but we still need committee volunteers to represent RHS.
We will need great leaders for the following areas in 2021:

  • Sponsorship: Identify and solicit sponsors for the Presidents Bowl activities
  • Game Day Activities/Presentations:  Game day logistics and events for the game
  • Programs:  Lead the design and layout of the programs of the events and head up the distribution of the programs for the specified events
  • 50/50 Raffle:  Work to sell raffle tickets during the football game
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Identify and organize event day volunteers
  • Tailgate Committee:  Organize/conduct the tailgate activities on the day of the football games
  • Parking Lot Clean Up/Security:  Post event parking lot cleanup and physical and premises security on event day
  • Ticket Sales:  Promotion and sales of tickets for the football game
  • Basketball Tournament:  Organize/conduct the basketball tournament
  • Media Committee:  Promotion of the Presidents Bowl events an entirety



Monday, October 18, 5:30 p.m. in the Library 


Click Here - to read the previous meeting minutes